Saturday, April 2, 2011

My First Blog

Hi, all! This obviously is my first post, and I'm learning as I am going, so I'm sure there will be many changes to this along the way:)  No, I don't have a cool name for my blog, nor do I have any amazing stories to share yet. I wanted to start this so I can connect more to friends and family, since I never get to see you guys enough! So be ready for rants about baseball, traveling, wine, food, photography, that amazing man in my life, and all the crazy little things that happen to little 'o me.  Oh did I mention baseball? And pirates. And monkeys.  Monkeys are funny. So if anyone has one of those "30 day Blog challenge list-thingys" send it my way, it will do me some good to get this started!
Until next time, Go Rangers!